What do we offer to a customer in our monthly and multi-month rental formulas?

Immerse yourself in a new experience of ultimate mobility with Edilfar Rent. Our monthly and multi-month rental is like a good piece of clothing that fits well on everything. Not a team of tailors, but people who, like you, want to travel and move around with top-of-the-line cars, have come up with this proposal that allows you to enjoy unprecedented freedom and a fleet that, like never before, can meet every need. From city cars to luxury cars, from family cars to vans for trips: everything has been designed to satisfy every customer who turns to us, without leaving any specific need unmet. We have always associated our name with the Mercedes-Benz brand, Mercedes-AMG, Smart, and in recent years, the best of Lexus and Toyota’s electric and hybrid vehicles has joined our fleet. With a monthly or multi-month contract with us, you will have several advantages:

  1. Boundless Flexibility: Choose from a wide range of electrified and high-tech vehicles from the world’s best automotive manufacturers, with rentals from 1 to 3 renewable months. The freedom of choice is in your hands.
  2. Digitalization and Customer Relations: With Edilfar Rent, you can transparently and securely book your vehicle online without waiting for quotes or going through complex procedures. If you prefer to book in the “old-fashioned way,” we have our team of specialized staff ready to answer any questions and help you book a car at our locations. Payment is simple and fast!
  3. Pick and Go: Our cars are ready for you immediately. We guarantee the model and the car you will have right away, without having to wait for endless periods for the car to arrive.
  4. All-Inclusive: The fee is transparent and does not require an advance payment. Insurance and assistance are included, eliminating all worries. Edilfar Rent is here to make your mobility simple, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. Join us as we drive towards a better future, harnessing technology and low-emission vehicles for uncompromising mobility. We are your trusted partner in this mobility adventure. Discover the world with Edilfar Rent and visit us at our locations in Milan, Modena, and Rome!


We love cars, especially beautiful ones. And we love vibrant places that exude life, tradition, and progress. All of this is Milan for us, and that’s where we chose to open one of our branches. We are located at Via Giuseppe Parini 3, just a few steps from Milan’s most frequented and popular metro line, the Yellow Line; specifically, M3 Repubblica station.

Milan is a bustling and demanding city, and so are we. Our customers will have a wide choice of some of the most exclusive cars from the most famous automakers. Let yourself be seduced by a Mercedes-AMG, embark on an adventure with a Vito, navigate the city with a car designed for European roads like the Aygo X. Guaranteed model and immediately available. We’re waiting for you!


A small town nestled among beautiful hills and a Motor Valley that elevates Emilia Romagna as an open-air hub for some of the biggest brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Pagani. Could we refrain from opening a branch in such an inspirational place?

You can find us at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, Civic 1A. The geographical variability of the location and the numerous hubs that can be reached from the city for cultural, tourist, or relaxing destinations have given us the opportunity to provide the customer who turns to us with the widest possible choice for all types of needs they may have: experience the thrill of the future with Mercedes-Benz EQA, indulge in an excursion with the Toyota Yaris Cross, or enjoy driving a Lexus NX, assembled piece by piece and controlled by Japanese master craftsmen, which suits the automotive royalty that surrounds us perfectly.

You choose the model, and we’ll give it to you right away! We’re waiting for you!