Big metropolis’s citizens well know that the weekends are perfect for an “out-of-town trip.”
Modena is full of “out of door” activities and places to visit and enjoy. These include abbeys, small villages and architectural gems, all less than half an hour away from the city center!

Many share a common concern when choosing electric mobility, “What if my car runs out of battery? What happens in that case?”
Truth is that the number of charging stations in the Italian peninsula is in constant growth outsourcing most urban areas. With this article you’ll have a clearer idea on a potential itinerary to go on around Modena while still comfortably staying within 100 km mileage.

Twenty-five kilometers away from Modena’s former Duchy there’s Nonantola town hosting an ancient and fascinating Abbey dedicated to Saint Silvestro. It was founded in 742 by King Lombard Astolfo’s brother-in-law, Abate Anselmo, who moved there with his monks and founded a Monastery dedicated to Pope St. Sylvester I whose relics are still preserved in.
This site is now a co-cathedral of the Archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola, famous for the hypnotic intertwining of its columns supporting the crypt, representing a small jewel of Emilian Romanesque architecture. The Sacred Treasure of the Abbey is open to visitors, and is full of precious objects including imperial documents bearing Charlemagne’s monogram and illuminated codes from the ancient monastic scriptorium.

Leaving the Abbey behind for 23 km , we get to Castelvetro, a small town renowned for food and wine. The vines of Lambrusco Grasparossa are used for Balsamic Vinegar, and represent great part of the town’s medieval testimony. This vineyard is visible from the Clock and Prison Towers over Piazza Roma, also known as “della Dama” for its bizarre checkerboard pavement.

19 km away from this small village, we encounter Formigine Castle.
The name is thought to derive from the Latin “formido,” standing for “fear or fright,” attributable to the period of Rome’s decline when the territory was invaded by barbarian tribes.
The castle towering over the city today was erected in 1201 to protect the territory from the troops of Reggio Emilia. Over the centuries it was passed from hand to hand from the Este to the noble families of Carpi, until the municipal administration bought it. The castle was turned into the “city living room,” which, after years of restoration, is now open to anyone who wishes to visit it.
Driving 10.6 km back towards Modena, we shall end the day with a wine glass of Lambrusco, and a gnocco fritto.
After all, happiness is made of little things, just as little as the amount of electricity we would have consumed to immerse ourselves in these realities outside the city.
Total kilometers: slightly over 77.

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