According to Italian fiction, love is a sentiment at the basis of most writing: tragic, passionate and driving, its peak has always been reached by winning love, at the expense of one`s own life, as to symbolize its going beyond.

Tormented loves, in fact, regardless of the centuries are the ones with which we empathize the most: we are told this by Paolo and Francesca in their whirlwind of fire, or Romeo and Juliet in their love that just won’t do.

Could you have imagined, however, that love was also able to give us back segments of nature where we can really breathe in the story of an overwhelming feeling? Near Modena, precisely in Serramazzoni, there are waterfalls with a curious name, called Bucamante, precisely because it is linked to a local legend that ties the destinies of Odina, a young aristocrat, and Titiro, a local shepherd, in a double thread.

While strolling through the deciduous woods of the area, the young scion Odina and the court maid ran into Titiro, a young shepherd who was passing through the area: between the two, it was love at first sight, so much so that they began to meet in secret.

One day, however, a maid surprised them, and perhaps, pink with envy, she reported everything to Odina’s parents, who decided to lock their daughter up in the castle. Nevertheless, Odina managed to escape and join Titiro and their reunion was thwarted by the search of the servants and court guards. The two kept running away, until reaching a waterfall from which there is no escape.

Realizing that they no longer have a chance, the two lovers embrace and throw themselves into the waterfall. The legend says that the weight of their bodies caused the ground below the waterfall to fall, giving us the place that came to be known as the “Lovers’ Hole” which eventually became, Bucamante, a naturalistic valley just outside the town centers of Cornazzano and Serramazzoni.

Today, the waterfalls can be reached by traveling 30/35 km (depending on which road you take, whether State Road 12 or passing through the Tangenziale Nord towards  Sassuolo) and can be visited via two trails, called “Odina” and “Titiro,” from which you can lap the entire Rio Bucamante watercourse while also being able to cool off at the edge of the water basin. Ideal for spring and summer trips, in any season this place is a placid escape, full of good air and epic atmosphere. How can one, between a beautiful sunset or the rays of the Sun filtering through the dense bush, not think of Odina and Titiro, and their love that will forever remain alive in this place dedicated to them?

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