About Us

Edilfar Rent

The ability to keep up with the times as we look ahead and plan for the future is what makes Edilfar Rent stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

From our earliest days in the automotive sector, back in 1997 when we signed an exclusive deal with Stuttgart based Daimler to commercialize the Mercedes-Benz Class G, Edilfar has always looked to the future, constantly updating what we could offer our customers and improving its position in the market to the point that today, we are proud to be the leading short and medium term car hire company in Italy’s mobility sector.

Edilfar Rent has had an exclusive partnership agreement with Mercedes-Benz Italia S.p.A. since 2010

... that means we manage the courtesy car programme for their Rome dealers with a fleet made up entirely of luxury cars manufactured by Daimler-Mercedes. We can provide anything from a nifty smart EQ that makes it easy to move throughout the city, including restricted traffic areas in the historic centre and regardless of city council eco-friendly regulations or days aimed at reducing emissions, to a super-sporty and high-performance AMG. All that we do is aimed at being kinder to the environment and encouraging sustainable mobility. Together with our partners, Mercedes-Benz, we were amongst the first to invest in zero-emission electric mobility.

We hire out more than 30,000 cars every year, offering a personalised service dedicated to meeting the needs – and dreams – of every single customer.

We have seven pick-up points in Rome, a newly established Milan office close to the Central Station and our partnership with MyTaxi means we can arrange to pick-up our clients from anywhere in the city and take them to our closest rental office.